28 Şubat 2017 Salı

Resilience from the Eyes of the Children

Samples from our “Resilience Child”- themed exhibition...

Zeynep EKİCİOĞLU - 9 years old

Resilient child is a child who could struggle for life.

ADA KARAYEL – 8 years old

The children who don’t leave their home even though their homes are bombed and staying there and helping their families… Even if someone from their family got hurt, they keep dreaming about a happy future. They want to go back their home when the war is over.


There are bombings on the streets, the buildings are falling down, people are dying. There is one girl on the street who survived. She has no family but she is strong. She’s helping people. We can beat the hardships if we stick together.

EKİN ÖZGÖZGÜ - 9 years

In spite of all glares and all bad behaviours, children can create their happy world and they can paint this world in colours.

UMMAN ASYA KILINÇ - 9 years old

Resilient Child helps those in war. Resilient Child wipes her/his mother’s tears. Resilient Child protects his/her environment. Resilient Child reads book and learn new things. Resilient Child plays with his/her friend who was excluded. Resilient Child helps disabled people.

ZEYNEP NAZLI COŞKUN - 10 years old

Children are happy with their family. Happy child is a resilient child.

ZEYNEP GENİŞOĞLU - 12 years old

Family is the one who could support the child about “resilience”. I resembled the child with flower. As delicate but resilient as child. It draws its strength from its roots and the happy days it remembers. I’ve drawn the places and things feeding it in its roots. These are friends, school, books, and happy memories.

Melek ONAY- 11 years old

Resilient child is who could cope with the pain when the bad things happen, and she/he feels sad.

Eda ÇETİNEL – 14 years old

Hey Adult! He’s resisted till the end. What have you done?

Ada Rüya SALMAN – 9 years old

I’ve depicted that if you work hard enough, you can get over every problem you’ll face with