We've Asked To The Children

We’ve asked the children:

“What does it make you feel better when you’re feeling unhappy, helpless and distressed ?”


Answers from 7-10 year olds

Studying Dreaming Wandering with mom and dad
Going to school Doing exercises Going to a zoo
Going to the movies Painting Barbequing
Fruit picking Flying a kite Walking on the grass bare foot
Going to a hotel, going on a holiday Eating ice-cream Playing with mud
Going to a match Making snowman Working hard towards our aim
Taking a bath Dancing Being surprised by someone
Fulfilling our responsibilities Singing Chess
Mom cooking our favourite food Fishing Skateboarding, skating
Going to the sea or the pool Going to the sea or the pool Going to the movies
Dibbling Buying flowers for someone we love Going to different places
Smelling flowers Watching a movie Going on a holiday
Camping Talking with someone about our troubles Going on a walk in the woods
Petting our dog Crying Organising competitions
Wearing our favourite clothes Laying down Discovering
Sharing, talking Eating desert Horse riding
Going to a party Telling a joke Playing an instrument
Mom’s hugging us Listening to and telling a story Going on a school trip
Walking Reading a book Looking at the pictures
Sleeping Going to a park Doing activities
Being alone somewhere quiet Amusement park Swimming
Animating a story Aquapark Hugging my dad
Caring our little sibling Helping our mom Playing card games
Exchanging letters Sharing our feelings with mom Playing games such as hide and seek, run and catch, jacks, leapfrog
Writing Listening to music Skip a rope
Thinking about our good memories Going to a play Sewing
Keeping a diary Playing a game Listening to the sounds of the wind and the sea
Sitting on the seaside Praying