According to the definition by World Health Organization, neglect is failure of the person liable to look after the child by not meeting the necessary needs of the child for his/her development or ignoring those needs. Even though the child neglect does not leave as visible traces as abuse, it does damage the children hugely and it affects cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of a child negatively.


Types of Neglect


Physical Neglect

  • Leaving the child at home uncontrolled
  • Failure to dress up the children according to season
  • Depriving the children of protective or medicinal health care services
  • Inadequate or mal-nutrition
  • Insufficient hygiene and care
  • Accommodating of child in a risky, unsecure place
  • Child staying out late uncontrolled


Emotional Neglect

  • Failure to meet the needs of child, not showing children any love and affection
  • Allowing harmful acts
  • Failure to create opportunity for child to spend time with his/her peers or adults
  • Disregarding the children
  • Not taking any interest in child, not spending time with the child


Educational Neglect

  • Failure to send the child to school
  • High frequency of absenteeism even though the child is registered to a school
  • Failure to support academically
  • Depriving the child of special education support in the event of the child needs it.
  • Failure of parents not contacting with school and not showing up when they’re called


The Results of Neglect  

  • Developmental delay
  • Health Problems
  • Low Academic Success
  • Behavioural Problems, risky behaviours
  • Dissonance
  • Personality Disorders
  • Tendency for committing a crime
  • Difficulty in communicating
  • Substance Abuse