Supporting Traumatised Children

Supporting Traumatised Children

When the children are exposed to a trauma, it leaves a lasting impact on each and every part of their lives. They lose confidence for themselves, adults and future. Trauma has a great effect on children’s brain and physical development, social relations and emotions. It threatens their learning capacities and friendships and they have a hard time keeping their calm in the classroom. They get confused. They have difficulty in coping with emotions such as anger, fear, shame or despair. The world can be unbearable for them and their capability for daily functioning might decrease. Getting psychological support from experts makes holding onto life is easier for the children exposed to trauma. The children who cannot get psychological support stay on their own with their traumas and they might find themselves in a struggle where they face with depression, drugs/alcohol addiction, violence, crime, and even suicide.  

Therefore, our job is;

  • To support children who are exposed to psychological trauma and could not afford psychological help.
  • To bring children and the psychologists who can help them together

With “Donated/Free Psychotherapy” implementation, we bring traumatized children and psychotherapists together. We, as a foundation, cover the expenses of psychotherapies for children exposed to tough situations such as accident, neglect and abuse, disaster and traumatic losses and who could not afford psychotherapy.

Eligibility criteria for participating in “Donated/Free Psychotherapy”;

  • To live in İzmir and its districts
  • Not be able to afford psychotherapy and be able to document it
  • The child to be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian to get support
  • Willingness of parents or legal guardians for trainings they will receive