We've Explained To The Children

We’ve explained to the children: 

“Things that change the course of our lives, are hard to cope with, upset us, make us feel vulnerable are called trauma”. 

Then, we’ve asked: 

“What do you think that causes trauma?”

Answers from 7 Year Olds

My friend yelling at me The death of our teacher Our toy getting broken
Our friends scaring us Harming our friend Our friend hitting us
Not to be loved Losing our loved ones Someone swearing at us
Upsetting our friend Losing our friend Earthquake
Big bear getting broken Hitting Someone threatening us
Falling from somewhere Being mocked Thief holding a sharp object
Having an accident Our toy getting broken New-born baby getting sick
The death of our loved ones Our friends hitting us Fire
Parents fighting Someone swearing at us Being kidnapped by someone
The death of our animals Earthquake Our parents getting divorced
Traffic accidents Someone threating us Our friends ill-treating us
Become disabled Thief holding a sharp object Yelling at someone
Being robbed by a thief New-born baby getting sick Getting lost in somewhere we don’t know
Being lied to Losing our friends Injuries
The death of our parents Flood Being alone at home when our parents go to buy groceries


Answers from 8 year olds

Attack One of the parents killing the other parent Being locked away in somewhere
Accident, getting injured Child working in heavy works Serious operations
Death Someone from the family leaving home Attack by an animal
Depression Family not loving their child Robbed by a thief
Fire Being abducted Getting cancer
Flood Poisoning Knife or armed attack
Attack by an animal Being shot Being short of breath
The death of our loved ones Fatal diseases Having a fight
Parents fighting Surgery Being disabled permanently
The death of our pets Father using slang Being poor
Our friend going abroad Father drinking alcohol Mine accidents
Being mocked Having a traffic accident Getting disabled
Anne ve babanın ciddi kavga etmesi  Babanın içkiliyken kavga çıkarması ve şiddet uygulaması Küsmek
Dear friend of mine insulting me Drug addiction Robbed by a thief
Domestic violence Accidents, injuries Being locked away in the restroom
Plane crushing Getting locked in the room Torture
Moms using insulting words Being on a trial Traffic accident
Parents hitting Plane crushing Terrible accidents
Having a heart attack Death Being hungry
Falling from the height Getting kicked out of home Getting beaten
Getting into jail Getting abandoned Parents breaking up
Parents marrying someone else War Immigration
Martyrizes Adults scaring children Having a heart attack
Death Being in the dark Earthquake
Permanent diseases Drowning Death of our pets
Being sent to boarding school Falling from the height

Answers from 9 year olds

Having a fight Being cheated on Being short of air in a closed area
Poisoning Watching a horror movie Flood hazard
Getting broken up with your sweetheart Getting scared of the ball in the keep War
Being chased by a dog Getting beaten up Avalanche falling
Getting mocked The death of our loved ones Women’s chins getting withdrawn
Getting stuck in the elevator Getting stabbed Thief getting into our house
Being stung by a snake Coming across with wild animals Staying locked down in a room
Accidents Being abducted Having an accident, getting hit by a car
Shootings Drowning Death
Getting beaten up Being isolated amongst friends Being subjected to violence
Fire Our father going away to a war Fatal diseases
Having a surgery Getting envied Being sworn at
Fear of getting murdered Hitting something while swimming in the sea Bad incidents we’ve witnessed
Divorce Getting troubled Losing someone

Answers from 10 year olds

Earthquake ​Accident, getting injured Death
Depression Fire, getting burnt Flood
War Fight Family problems
Getting abandoned Being hard don Being an orphan
Negative incidents we’ve witnessed Divorce Getting lost
Failure Getting mocked Peer abuse
Being financially unstable Getting compared by someone else Fatal diseases
Getting crossed Grudge, hatred, revenge Remaining paralysed
Substance abuse Violence, getting beaten up Being taken as a prisoner
Getting into jail Break-ups Immigration
Environmental pollution Secret affairs Cheat on and being cheated on
Being cheated on by someone Staying in the dark Parents fight
Staying closed at somewhere High pressure Being forgotten
Family fight Being abandoned Insecurity
The suicide of our loved one Living in a dirty environment Getting disabled
Being disabled Committing a crime Being told bad words
Seeing blood Being subjected to violence Serious diseases
Constantly using medicine Being sworn at our family Getting injection
Being alone Exams Our home being robbed
Seeing a dead Returning from the dead Being witness to a bad incident
Getting lost Having a serious surgery Getting fired, gettind kicked out from the school
Getting tortured Drowning hazard Being abused
Terror Being depressed Using substance, alcohol
Getting beaten up Being disabled Getting wrong treatment
Lightning Watching a horror movie Living with someone with mental disorders
Poisoning alcoholic Being threatened