Our objective is;

To develop and implement effective prevention and intervention programs based on scientific principles to support the healthy development of children who either experience psychological trauma or are under risk..

Our Activities;

Protection and Prevention Activities: To develop prevention programs towards children and their families to support healthy development and to disseminate these programs to the individuals and institutions having responsibility on the development of children.

Intervention Activities: By considering related literature and empirical work worldwide, to develop, to implement supportive and culturally-adapted programs and to ensure dissemination of these programs.

Empowerment and Adaptation Increasing Activities: To reintegrate into society and strengthen children, youth, families, school and social environments affected by trauma..

Awareness Raising Activities: To raise awareness about the negative effects of traumatic experiences on children and to raise awareness of the society..

Scientific Activities: To carry out scientific research in order to evaluate the effects and the results of prevention and intervention programs; to support related scientific researches and organise scientific activities such as seminars, meetings, symposium etc.

Educational Activities: To organise educational activities in collaboration with all individuals and institutions working on psychological traumas of children.